• Navy Twill

    A classic 4-season cloth with excellent drape. Durable, subtle and a great building block for a basic suit wardrobe. 

    Fabric 1 
  • Grey Twill

    Woven from superfine Australian merino wool, a premium-grade cloth. A workhorse fabric with unparalleled durability.

    Fabric 2 
  • Brown Wool

    Super 150’S wool from Loro Pianas Australis bunch. A fabric that stands out for its comfort, breathability, fluidity and feather-light weight.

    Fabric 3 
  • Grey Wool

    Plain grey from the Ascot two, four and six ply bunch. A versatile summer suit favourite. 

    Fabric 4 
  • Grey Flannel

    Proper woolen flannel from Drapers in its most classic form. A nice melange of different shades. 

    Fabric 5 
  • Charcoal Flannel

    Woolen flannel from Drapers. Smart and serious. Soft with good drape and a rich texture.

    Fabric 6 
  • Brown Corderoy

    Brown corduroy from Caccioppoli in a narrow wale. Jacket and trousers can be worn separately, as well as together as a suit.

    Fabric 7 
  • Olive Corderoy

    Muted olive corduroy from Caccioppoli in a narrow wale. A casual suit in a casual colour. 

    Fabric 8 
  • Navy Cotton

    Cotton in a cold navy tone. Will age subtly and gracefully, developing a patina around the exposed areas and seams.

    Fabric 9 
  • Beige Cotton

    Beige cotton from W.Bill. The jacket can be worn with jeans or linen trousers; the pants worn with sport coats or casual outerwear.

    Fabric 10 
  • Brown Linen

    French linen. The cold and muted shade makes it classic and versatile. Easy to wear with white shirts and black knit ties.

    Fabric 11 
  • Moka Linen

    Linen from Maison Hellard in a muted moka shade. To be worn with white linen shirts and loafers in the summer heat.

    Fabric 12 
  • Brown Wool

    A melange of subtle browns from Loro Piana. A perfect backdrop for different styles and occasions.

    Fabric 13 
  • Oatmeal Wool/Cashmere

    A contemporary wardrobe staple with a smooth hand, in a discreet, understated palette.

    Fabric 14 
  • Black and White Shetland Tweed

    A classic black and white colour scheme. A trusty piece to keep you warm over the winter.

    Fabric 15 
  • Grey Herringbone Harris Tweed

    A versatile go-to jacket for the colder months. Wear with button-downs and cashmere ties.

    Fabric 16 
  • Irish Donegal Tweed

    Heavy weight Donegal tweed in a herringbone pattern. Works best with oxfordshirts, denim and tailored flannels.

    Fabric 17 
  • Plain Blue

    Jacketing from Drapers Supersonic bunch. Suitable for sports jackets that take you from early autumn to late spring.

    Fabric 18 
  • Brown Blend

    A neutral brown/beige jacketing cloth with texture and depth.

    Fabric 19 
  • White Sea Shell

    Harrisons’ Sea Shell has developed a well-deserved reputation as a signature Spring and Summer collection.

    Fabric 20 
  • Brown/Beige Linen

    A brown/beige glen check in a warm shade from Harrison's fantastic Mersolair bunch. Make up as a jacket to wear with polos and mid-blue denim.

    Fabric 21 
  • Navy Hopsack

    A lightweight, breathable material with a fairly dry finish. A perfect summer blazer.

    Fabric 22 
  • Linen Herringbone

    Beige linen for summer. The cold shade makes it a perfect companion for brown and greys.

    Fabric 23 
  • Linen Gun Club

    A traditional and easy-to-wear gun club, wearable from early spring to the peak of summer.

    Fabric 24 
  • Medium Grey Twill

    Woven from superfine Australian merino wool. Heavy, durable and subtle. Perfect for odd trousers.

    Fabric 25 
  • Charcoal Twill

    Woven from superfine Australian merino wool. Heavy, durable and subtle. Perfect for odd trousers.

    Fabric 26 
  • Brown Whipcord

    Durable and hardwearing. Pairs nicely with suede, brushed cotton shirts, tweed jackets or a navy blazer.

    Fabric 27 
  • Brown Cotton

    The fabric has a matte surface that allows the trousers to be combined with many different types of garments.

    Fabric 28 
  • Grey Plain

    Fabric from the Ascot two, four and six ply bunch. A versatile summer trouser favourite.

    Fabric 29 
  • Cream Cotton

    From Drapers Cotton Deluxe Bunch. The most versatile trouser colour in a slightly heavier cotton to make sure the trouser will hold its shape better.

    Fabric 30